Several years ago, I captured my mother’s stories in her original language, French. My mother was an amazing storyteller and her stories took me through her childhood, through a war torn world at war, through incredible personal loss, through the occupation of her mother country, and through the revolution, which separated her from her beloved village Franchetti.

Franchetti Mon Amour weaves her amazing stories into a novel. Written in English yet strewn with cultural diversity. It paints her childhood with vivid imagery and humorous stories as she matures through adolescence and into the harsh realities of war. It highlights the cultural diversity of French Algeria and captures WWII from a unique North African vantage point. The stories are largely true, or at least, as true as told, and will take you back through time. They speak with a mentoring voice at a time when family values were the foundation of courage.

Just click on the audio link to hear a story in her actual voice. I hope you enjoy the adventure.