My Village of Support

  • Tierra Siles
    My daughter Tierra's help was irreplaceable
  • Kevin Fung
    Is a tech genius and always makes the impossible happen for me.
  • Line Jullié
    Line spent countless hours restoring our parent’s old photos. These pictures provided endless inspiration and context.
  • Bruce Paul
    Bruce is a Nazarene Pastor currently serving in San Diego. He provided me substantial critical review and helped direct the story line.
  • Aubrey Anne Groeber
    Aubrey Anne tells me exactly what she thinks. I call that a perfect critical reader and a great friend.
  • Evelin Hubb
    Evelin provided an international perspective and helped me determine my audience.
  • Mariah Springer
    My daughter Mariah helped me connect the story’s cultural transitions.
  • Brynn
    Need I say more. This is why we share our legacies; there are those who come after us, and we must pass the torch.
  • Jacob Teter
    My son Jacob helped me see the greater implications of imagery, and helped me make pictures of words.
  • Ember Kinnally
    My daughter Ember (Brynnsmom) is one of the most talented writers I know. Ember’s keen eye for design also shaped the book cover.
  • Shelly Renee
    Shelly was one of my first critical readers and her insights helped shape the characters.
  • Karelin
    During the bulk of the writing, Karelin helped me set realistic goals and called me twice a week to hold me accountable.